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Horticulture & Design Moments

Monthly programs provide helpful information and resources related to horticulture and floral design. In addition, at each meeting, either Horticulture Chair Millie Wilson or Design Chair Jen Donovan provides brief but useful tips about their respective areas--either in a handout or a quick reminder about plant care for the upcoming month or some aspect of design. Other members also contribute their ideas to benefit those who are new to gardening in Phoenix.

Horticulture Moments*

November 2015 -- flower-Chrysanthemum; vegetable-Swiss Chard

January 2016 -- flower-Carnation; vegetable-Asparagus

February 2016 -- flower-Violet; vegetable-Broccoli

March 2016 -- flower-Daffodil; vegetable-Lettuce

April 2016 -- flower-Daisy; vegetable-Zucchini

Design Moments

See "Handbook for Flower Shows", National Garden Clubs, Inc., Design Section

*Note:  An excellent resource for those new to gardening in the desert southwest is the Desert Botanical Garden's "Gardening & Horticulture" website at http://www.dbg.org/gardening-horticulture.  Experts provide gardening tips for every month and answer frequently asked questions. There also is a plant hotline at 480-481-8120, M - F, 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.